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Assassin’s Creed Will Take a Year off!

CEO of Ubisoft, YvesGuillem has confirmed that there will no new Assassins Creed game for the year 2019.

Assassin Creed Origin was released last year and a year after that Assassin Creed Odyssey is still yet to be released in October. Ubisoft will now focus on their existing game and will bring more update on Odyssey on regular basis. Therefore there will be no new series for the year 2019.  And also odyssey will have a much longer gameplay compared to its previous series.

Also according to CEO of Ubisoft, there are two separate teams working on their existing games, so basically they are managing two games separately and they are not going to put another team for their new series. According to him, new content will keep coming for Odyssey and it will keep expanding over the year. Ubisoft is thinking to return in the year 2020. Ubisoft told this to Gamespot at Gamescom Germany.

Ubisoft will add free updates to Assassin’s Creed and provide a year-long service. Last year Ubisoft tried the same strategy but ended up the updates within 5 months. So it’s more of an argument that pushing online services is better or not.

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