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Let it die – Trailer released

Let it die is a hyper-violent hack-and-slash action experience with roguelike elements. Developed by  Grasshopper Manufacture and published by GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc.

Let it die

Furthermore, it’s free to play the game, originally known as “‘Lily Bergamo”. Let it die features an online play, and allow both smartphone and PS4 players play together. Players fight through a treacherous tower, collecting various types of weapons and armor while searching for creatures and mushrooms to eat in order to stay alive. Upon death, a player’s “death data” is then circulated among other player’s games. Death data sharing is one of the various asynchronous multiplayer elements.

Quick Facts:

  • Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
  • Producer: Shuji Ishikawa
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Platforms: PS4 and Microsoft Windows
  • Director: Hideyuki Shin

To download the game click here

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